Starbucks refugee Boggs and band traverse jazz, world, rock and Americana.  They released debut CD "A Buddha State of Mind" in 2010 and album "Carnival of Miracles," produced by Grammy-winning Trina Shoemaker in March 2015.  Their sound is "soulgrass," it's always about "the message" and the band performs nationally.  As one radio fan put it, "an enigmatic, original voice with great feeling, this artist's best work is ahead of her. I hope she can find a place in an empty soulless music industry of today. A female Leonard Cohen? I think so and I mean that as a compliment.”

"Paula Boggs’ unique voice, sharp and witty writing, and knack for producing slick melodies and jazzy-bluesy rock music is enlightening. Her music is folksy at times, pop-like at others, and balanced out by some charming mid-tempo stuff that is quite refreshing...[and] her authentic voice makes all of her work sound genuine, modern, and reflective."

- Mike DeGagne, Freelance Music Critic, AllMusic.