Starbucks vet Boggs and the 6-piece Paula Boggs Band traverse jazz, world, rock and Americana.  They released debut album "A Buddha State of Mind" in 2010 and album "Carnival of Miracles," produced by Grammy-winning Trina Shoemaker in March 2015.  Their sound is "Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass"and the band has performed 40+ shows nationally since releasing "Carnival of Miracles." The band's next projects include producing an "unplugged" live EP of consciousness songs and recording it's 3rd studio album later this year.

"[The] new cd from the Paula Boggs Band, Carnival of Miracles simply put [is] a is a record with every song destined to be well known soon to audiences and equally loved.  Congratulations to Paula Boggs and the Paula Boggs Band, they have hit this right out of the park."

Bruce Swan, Programmer

Host of “Music My Mother Would Not Like”

WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT

Host of “Blue Highways Radio”

WRFR 93.3 FM, Rockland, ME


Boggs makes a certain kind of urban, jazzy music that seems permanently nested within the structures of traditional folk, bluegrass and even standard blues harmony...she calls her music 'soulgrass' and she reminds me a little of Gil Scott-Heron if only for the razor-intensity of her words.”

Dave Good, San Diego Reader

Paula Boggs:
vocals, guitar, ukelele, songwriter
Mark Chinen:
acoustic and electric guitar, banjo
Isaac Castillo:
acoustic and electric bass, vocals
Tim Conroy:
keyboards, accordion, melodica, trumpet, vocals
Tor Dietrichson:
percussion, vocals
Sandy Greenbaum:
drums, music director